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View Diary: Join us -- Golden Gate Bridge march to stop Keystone XL (10 comments)

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  •  Tar sands sludge = elixir of death for our planet (7+ / 0-)

    Climate change increases the formation of lung damaging smog. It burns our lungs and airways, causing them to become inflamed, reddened and swollen. As nurses, we see many patients with breathing problems.  

    If you've ever cared for a kid with asthma or an adult with bronchitis who's gasping for breath, you don't forget the look of panic on those faces; the gasping, wheezing signs of extreme air hunger and a body as it's weakening. As a nurse you see a life slipping away; a chest wall heaving against all odds as the throat tightens and you hear the high pitched wheezing noises as every muscle tries to force the desperately needed air in and out of those damaged lungs.

    The sound of death when the noises and those efforts  suddenly stop. The sounds of mourning and unanswered prayers. If you could take action to prevent the tragedy and relieve suffering you would; and you don't have to be a nurse to save a life.

    By working together, locally and globally, true progress can be made in standing up to those who damage our environment, cause harm to others, and violate fundamental human rights to clean air, pure water, and wholesome food.

    Nurses won't remain silent against Keystone XL, fracking, and global warming.  We won't remain silent in the face of preventable human tragedies. We won't remain silent in the face of corporations whose operations harm our environment and violate our human rights. We won't back down.

    With all the talk of global warming, preservation and conservation, it’s time we begin to conserve and restore the planet’s most valuable resource of all: the health of human beings.  Join nurses and other good government groups in protest to stop Keystone XL, fracking, and the use of fossil fuels. The future is in renewable, clean energy. The technology exists; our politicians just lack the political will to support it.  

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