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View Diary: Republican congresswoman pleased that her party is 'changing hearts and minds' on abortion (81 comments)

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  •  "Changing hearts and minds" is a LIBERAL position (3+ / 0-)

    What's so pathetic is they don't realize that LIBERALS are arguing that those against abortion should make their case persuasively in the marketplace of ideas.

    Convince people not to have abortions by setting up adoption methods, offer free counseling, pay all medical bills, and make your case in PUBLIC.

    I don't mean accost individuals outside clinics, I mean make your case on the merits.

    Do NOT make it illegal and impose your sanctimonious moral opinions on the rest of us.

    That's all we ask.

    Discuss.   Debate.  Make your case.

    You're supposed to believe in persuasion and the merits of ideas.  Stop trying to use the power of the government to enforce your opinions, wingnuts.

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