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  •  I agree in general (6+ / 0-)

    Propaganda works, that's just a fact, and the tools for it have been refined to a high degree.  
    I also think that aside from not having a scientific background, very few people ever have much background or get taught a great deal about just plain old critical thinking.
    On point 4: In the movie "Sleeper" Woody Allen plays a man who wakes up in the future. The doctors of the time are examining him and offer him a cigarette. When he declines, citing how bad they are, the lead doctor seems astonished and tells him;
    "It's TOBACCO! One of the healthiest things for your body!" So, people have been aware for some time that today's scientific wisdom might be tomorrow's folly, to the point you could joke about it decades ago.
    I think there is a level of future shock setting in where some people are becoming so unnerved by seeing their entire world changing at an ever accelerating pace, that they are losing faith in all the old authority figures and scientists are among the casualties.
    It is funny and also a bit ironic to watch old 50's sci-fi movies.
    It is so common for any available scientist, even a high school science teacher, to be giving orders to cops and even the military on how they should combat the latest invasion from space or escaped lab experiment. Scientists were treated like either all purposes sages who could be counted on to tell everyone what was going on and what to do about it, or they were the brilliant psycho who used their knowledge for evil. Today they are seen as little more than another factional group of partisans, fighting for grant money. You're right, it's a set of problems, not just one.

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