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    First, I enjoyed reading your essay. Thank you.

    Second, as someone who went to school in mid-Missouri, I think you are under-estimating the amount of anti-intellectualism in this country. Egg-Head Intellectuals and Scientists are routinely made fun of in working-class entertainment.
    If teaching science was as important as sports, then some of the money going to build the new High School football stadium would be made available for supplies and equipment for the science labs.

    Third, I think you don't give enough importance to the ministers who teach their flocks that science is "of the antichrist". When people are taught "science is anti-God" and that they need to choose a side, some people will choose to avoid going to hell.

    Third, I think you under-estimate how the illiteracy rate affects your theory. People who can't read well, as well as people without math skills are not able to do the research recommended when questions of science come up. The US Dept of Education says 1 in 5 US adults read at below a 5th grade level.

    Fourth, when big money is spent to discredit specific science that would interfere with profit margins, the credibility of all science suffers in the eyes of the impressionable. This would include the manipulation of public opinion through Corporate Public Relations and the media.

    Over-all, I like what you wrote and I think you are right in what you say.

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