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  •  Yes, but they do not "kill" the virus . .. . (1+ / 0-)
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    There do exist antiviral drugs -- those for HIV and tamiflu for the flu.
    as the post by Kevskos correctly claimed.

    Of course, as discussed above, since viruses are not alive, it would be impossible to kill them in any event.

    So you seem to have gotten suckered in to replying to a trick post.

    •  Eh. (1+ / 0-)
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      Maybe.  But for most people, 'kill' and 'rendered inert' or 'rendered inoperative' are effectively equivalent, so I assume they're being used interchangeably.  

      When a soldier says he killed a tank with LAW, I don't argue the semantics with him. ;)

      Also, since the person I was responding to stated that killing a virus was possible -- or at least that it was not not possible -- that kinda lends weight to the idea that they weren't being an insufferable pedant. ;)

    •  The micro (0+ / 0-)

      professor I worked for in college used to say that the best way to start a fist fight at a microbiology meeting was to go to the bar at 2 AM and start asking if a virus was alive or not.

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