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  •  OMG. Marilyn Wann?! (7+ / 0-)

    I am delighted to see you here at Dkos! I have tried to share information here about HAES (which is not a company but rather a health and wellness paradigm, for people unfamiliar) but it can be a bit of a slog. It's interesting and frustrating at times to see the progressives here who are SO savvy and rightly skeptical of the military industrial complex and the growing corporate state accept what the medical and pharma industries try to sell us about weight. The pursuit of weight loss is a 60 BILLION dollar a year business, folks! It's much harder to make money off of people not desperate to lose weight.

    For anyone who wants to learn more about Health At Every Size, you can google it, or check out ASDAH, the Association for Size Diversity and Health. There are MDs, PhDs, RNs, RDs, and mental health clinicians of all different types who use the HAES approach with their patients. My primary care doctor fully supports my HAES orientation to my health care and seeing how healthy I am in my fat body, he's recommended it to other people as well. And as a mental health and eating disorders clinician I take a HAES approach with my patients.

    Lisa :)

    All Kossacks are my allies, but if you can't express your thoughts in a civil and kind manner, I won't be engaging in a conversation with you.

    by Boston to Salem on Wed Jun 19, 2013 at 01:01:31 PM PDT

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