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View Diary: The Pope Preaches to the G8 Leaders (15 comments)

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  •  McKinsey advised Taco Bell to totally (3+ / 0-)

    change their corporate structure so that more power was at the base level of the company. So lots of layoffs and chaos ensued under a logo that looked like a pyramid.  About 3 years later, they were called in again by Taco Bell and this time they decided that the business model should now throw more weight to the upper levels of management. So away went lower level employees, etc.  When the logo T-shirts were handed out, guess what?  They depicted a pyramid upside down standing on its tip!

    If I remember correctly, Taco Bell then went into a period of decline that it has only recently been pulling out of.

    Let's hope McKinsey & Co.  have that same affect on the Vatican.

    As for this Pope, I think if you follow his lineage backwards through all the Popes of time, you will find that they all sprang out of that snake in the garden.  The question is, WHEN will the world turn its back on this institution and treat it in the manner it deserves?

    •  Taco Bell has gotten so bad (1+ / 0-)
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      I can't imagine any way they can pull out of it.  Quite simply, their PRODUCT, which used to be as good as any fast food on the market, now isn't fit to feed the dogs.  They've turned from offering real vegetables and vitamins in the 1980's, when nobody could care less, to offering literal cardboard (cellulose) filler in 2013, when both old (for health reasons) and the young (for ideological purity) actually DO care, and have  options to shop elsewhere.  Taco Bell used to be a favorite for junk food, not that I've ever done much in that department.  But after my last visit, I don't intend to go back.  Ever.

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