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View Diary: Sean Hannity the not-quite-birther and 'Kenya' (48 comments)

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    "He [President Obama] admits he went to a Muslim school. It’s on his audiobook, if you want a tape of it—you can hear him say it himself."

    He "admits" it!! Is that like "he confesses?"  "He pleads guilty?" He "hangs his head in shame, shuffles his feet, and mumbles it semi-audibly?"

    Young Barack went to school--when you're young, you go to the school your parents say you'll go to--but that's not even the point.  Hannity skillfully blows the dog-whistle here:  "Muslims are bad, Muslims are "the enemy," Obama admits being schooled by the "enemy," admits that he learned to recite from The Koran." (OMG, the EVIL BOOK!)  

    Please.  Jeez, do we have to spell it out?  It's not a CRIME to go to school, be it in a Muslim school, a Catholic School, or Buddhist school, a Wiccan school, or a Pagan school.  It's not a crime to be a Muslim, even--except in Faux News land.  There, you have to "defend" yourself against the "accusation."  


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