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View Diary: The cult of flag-worship targets Lil' Wayne (73 comments)

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  •  Well, actually, the flag is (2+ / 0-)
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    lunachickie, radarlady

    "a living thing" according to the Flag Code.

    •  well yeah (10+ / 0-)

      but that's text postulated by certain persons, who were able to get it enshrined into law. It's not alive. It's a cloth that has a lot of meaning to a lot of people.

      Like I said, it's frightening. L'il Wayne is just another guy making a political statement, as distasteful as it was--but my taste is different than others (for the record, I'm not a fan). He has as much right to do that and call it art as I have to find it disgusting. That's what's so awesome about the First Amendment.

      But it is still frightening to see how people are reduced to grovelling saps because someone might take offense at an ideal represented by an otherwise-inanimate object results in the inanimate object itself being changed, somehow.

      "The “Left” is NOT divided on the need to oppose austerity and the Great Betrayal. The Third Way is not left or center or even right. It is Wall Street on the Potomac."--Bill Black

      by lunachickie on Wed Jun 19, 2013 at 02:35:27 PM PDT

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    •  sure, according to the unenforceable, (7+ / 0-)

      non-law flag code.  I do agree with lunachickie that the flag code is, in some respects, the psychic repository for some creepy nativist impulses*, but at the same time its not law in any meaningful sense.

      * I moved to OH from NYC a year and change ago, and this has never been so clear.  I've always been the most conservative person in the room, and I liked that.  now that I'm in OH, its a huge shift: I'm inevitably the most liberal in the room, and its weird.  and people are, frankly, fucking crazy.  whether abortion should be banned or just banned in cases other than rape is the sort of casual political debate I'm privy to now, and its fucking weird.

      •  I have relatives in Ohio. (0+ / 0-)

        They're married cousins.  Who apparently donate enough to the GOP that they always have one of those signed pictures of the latest presidential ticket that they always send out in mass amounts on their fridge.

        Certain parts of that state are scary.

        Incidentally, I know I said this here when it first happened, but if anyone remembers, near the end of the presidential campaign, a tweet from John Kerry while he was traveling through Sylvania, OH, and took a pic of a tin man on the side of the road, saying he didn't expect to run into Mitt Romney?  Yeah, that tin man is owned by said relatives.  It's the mascot, of sorts, for their family business.  My parents and I got a good laugh out of that.

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