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  •  Lenny, do you want this shit to stop, or do you (0+ / 0-)

    just want to fling poo?

    Patriot Act

    Those all started under Shrub

    Free Speech Zones--not listed here--started under Clinton.

    I saw noises that some aspects of what we normally associated with the patriot act--and a direct result of 9/11 was actually begun 7 months before under Cheney--still waiting for confirmation of that, though it wouldn't surprise me.

    •  you are quite wrong (0+ / 0-)
      1. You can be put on a no fly list in this country. You have no way of challenging that, no way to face your accuser, no way of getting off of that list.
      This one is a little unclear.  The FBI had maintained a "Watch List" for decades before 9-11. WHat Dubya did was break this into separate lists, a no-fly list, and a selected list who could fly but were tagged to be thoroughly searched first.  
      2. The Government can secure your records from public libraries, and a gag order is instituted keeping you from knowing that the government is reading what you are reading.
      This is directly from Clinton's 1995 Anti-Terrorism Bill.
      3. The government can acquire your financial records. Once again, gag orders are used, so you never know it.
      This is also directly from Clinton's 1995 Anti-Terrorism Bill.
      4. Our government has been {and may still be} running torture chambers in various, foreign countries, while using extreme rendition to get people into those chambers.
      The practice of extraordinary rendition for torture began under the Clinton Administration.
      5. Gitmo--outside of the US, but run by the US--so not necessarily beholding to our laws, King George III would be proud.
      Gitmo has been there since 1903.  But yes, Dubya was the guy who moved the torture to Gitmo.  Clinton had renditioned people to Eastern Europe or Libya to be tortured.
      6. Corporations now use our own security assets to protect themselves from legal protesters, while simultaneously using other aspects of the Patriot Act to label these protesters, potential terrorists or terror agents.
      I can't find offhand any instances of anti-corporate protesters being charged under the terrorism statutes during the Dubya Administration.  All I can find are some demonstrators at the RNC in 2008 who were charged under state terrorism laws, not Federal. The practice of charging protesters under Federal Terrorism laws seems to have actually started under Obama after 2008--or at least expanded greatly since then.
    •  ps--free speech zones started under Bush the Elder (0+ / 0-)

      I've already told the story of the first time I ran into one, back in the early 90's, in one of the first diaries I did at DKos, back in 2007:

      When George Bush Sr dropped by Allentown to give a talk at a local school, we camped out right by the front door -- and when some guys in black suits tried to move us to a "free speech zone" behind the building, we told them that, last time we checked, the entire goddamn United States was a "free speech zone", and the only way we were moving is if they physically dragged us away, kicking and screaming, in front of all those TV cameras.  Poor Bush had to walk right past us.

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