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View Diary: What We Can Learn From The Ongoing Revolution in Brazil (78 comments)

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  •  I'm glad to hear it. (0+ / 0-)

    Alas, I don't seem to SEE it.  "Organizing" doesn't mean "hey guys, let's gather at the central square and wave signs".

    So how much actual organizing experience do you have. Not just "I read about it" or "I write about it" or "I talk to people about it", but real live actual organizing experience, where you actually led a group of people to organize around a particular goal and decided upon the methods used to win that goal, and then fought to win it.

    I'll begin with mine:

    I worked as an organizer for Greenpeace for 5 years, and for Sierra Club for four.  I was a union organizer with the IWW and with the SEIU, in around 50 different campaigns. I helped found and organize the Lehigh Valley Coalition for a Safe Environment, with the goal of preventing toxic waste from being used as fuel for cement kiln incinerators. I was also the founder and organizer for a local coalition of teachers, students, clergy and citizens to prevent "creation science" from being taught in local school districts. All of that from 1982 to 1997, when I moved to Florida. Since then, I worked a few years as an organizer with Sierra Club, then dropped out of the whole organizing game until Occupy came along. I was one of the founders of Occupy St Pete, and helped form the Regional Coordinating Council, which acts as a liaison and coordinating committee for all of the various local political activist groups, from peace groups to public transportation advocates.

    •  I just have to laugh, really. Again, keep (0+ / 0-)

      following me around...

      Here's just a teaser... I've received volunteer of the year and other community involvement awards.  I've been involved in on-the-ground union organizing campaigns in multiple cities, and remember being "escorted" out of certain locations by police, err corporate goons, during those campaigns (even after getting clearance from the company at a national level).

      But that's just a teaser.  You are making the wrong assumptions, but that's Okay, I enjoy this sort of thing.

      •  then I am sad that you never learned the effective (0+ / 0-)

        lessons, and instead keep doing things that simply don't help.

        Such as, for example, treating people who are on your side, as enemies.  Not terribly effective.


        But I'm curious---when you did your union organizing, did you preach to them the need for revolution?  Or did you just fight for a raise for them?

        •  Lenny, really, I'm not joking. I'm enjoying this. (0+ / 0-)
          •  Ray, I am on your side (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            Lots of people here (including some people who I suspect would never be on the same side of a barricade as either me or you) have given you some very very very good advice. Advice that I learned myself through 30 years of organizing.

            You should listen to it.

            As I said before, you have the fire in your belly. You could make a very effective organizer.  But you simply must learn to deal with people from where THEY are, not from where YOU are.  No amount of preaching is EVER gonna move anyone from A to Z in one fell swoop.  The best you can hope for is to nudge them from A to B, then hope someone else later on nudges them from B to C and so on down the line.  That's all we can do. We can't "make" anyone think anything about anything.  People have to do that for themselves. (shrug)

            Once you learn that lesson, you yourself will be saying the exact same things I am saying to you, to others.  And it will help make the entire movement more effective.

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