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View Diary: What We Can Learn From The Ongoing Revolution in Brazil (78 comments)

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  •  anger? I'm not angry, Ray. there's nothing for (0+ / 0-)

    me to be "angry" ABOUT.  (shrug)

    How's it going for me?  Pretty well, actually.  There are at least 20 workplaces that got a union because I helped them do it.  Of the four area school districts that tried to pass creationist policies, all failed, and over half of the board members who tried were bounced out in the next election. Neither cement company got its permit to use toxic waste as kiln fuel. That's a lot of lives made better, and I'm pretty happy to have done my small part in it.

    Of course, capitalism was not overthrown and the glorious revolution did not break out. (shrug)

    It's not because of me in particular, but because of people like me, the countless activists who keep hammering away at the lies, distortion, misinformation and propaganda.
    I know that, Ray.  I'm one of them.
    During the last several months I've been encouraging people to join a network of nation-wide activists I'm trying to organize.  So far close to 400 people have joined.
    But what has your nationwide groupuscule of, uh, 400 done, Ray.  Sitting on the Internet waving the red flag doesn't ACCOMPLISH anything for anyone. The left has always been really good at building grandiose groupuscules of a few hundred people (usually the SAME few hundred people in them all). What they've never been very good at is actually DOING anything beyond waving signs on a street corner and being ignored. And that's why they don't matter a rat's ass in the US. (shrug)

    I encourage you to talk with MB sometime.  He'll tell you the same things I am, but you may be more apt to listen to him.

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