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View Diary: BREAKING: Exodus International shuts its doors (40 comments)

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  •  He doesn't realize the damage (0+ / 0-)

    Talks about the positive impact on thousands! They had no positive impact. Their impact was 100% negative. The only positive thing they did in their lives was fold.

    I lost, literally and figuratively, one of my dearest friends when he came to believe he could pray away the gay. And that meant he could not be friends with me, Jewish born atheist feminist lesbian hippie, but "worst" of all was my telling him everything he is is fine with me. It was. But I never saw my friend again.

    He finally got away from them and came out. I've searched ever since I was on the Internet and finally learned last month he died years ago.

    This wasn't EI, but they are all the same and I have no forgiveness.

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