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View Diary: FBI uses drones in U.S., says Mueller (109 comments)

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  •  That's not necessarily true - there is a huge (5+ / 0-)

    proliferation of drone designs for domestic use.

    In 2001, the military had just a few Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (U.A.V.s). Now it has more than ten thousand. Later this month, the F.A.A. will present a regulatory regimen enabling law-enforcement departments to fly small drones, and the military contractors will suddenly have some eighteen thousand potential new customers. As of now, only a tiny percentage of municipal and state police departments have any air presence, because most can’t afford helicopters or planes. Small camera-loaded U.A.V.s are much cheaper. The public proposition, at this point, anyway, is not that drones will subjugate or assassinate unwitting citizens but that they will conduct search-and-rescue operations, fight fires, catch bad guys, inspect pipelines, spray crops, count nesting cranes and migrating caribou, and measure weather data and algae growth. For these and other tasks, they are useful and well suited.

    And by small they mean somewhat larger than bumble bee-sized, which apparently the lowest size currently feasible because of battery technology constraints.

    In any event, NYC apparently already does parking enforcement via drone

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