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  •  So NTSA Agents that Actually Worked the Case (1+ / 0-)
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    Dem Beans

    are wild-eyed conspiracy theorists?

    Amy Goodman interviewed one of them, who told her that he was instructed to provide factual descriptions only, with no analysis or conclusion. He also said that his analysis would have concluded that the force that blew up the plane was external, not from the inside.

    Also, a live ammunition naval exercise was being conducted nearby, and a narrow corridor of free air space was allocated to commercial flights.

    It is conceivable that the plane may have wandered off course and accidently been shot down. I'm not saying it's a certainty, but it definitely warrants further review.

    It's even more conceivable that the FBI launched a massive coverup if such an event did happen.

    •  Yeah, bullshit (0+ / 0-)

      The closest naval ship of any type was at least 15 miles away, and the closest area that the Navy had for weapons testing (and thus was an area where civilian flights were not allowed) was 165 miles away.

      The problem with the two theories, naval and terrorist are as follows:

      1. If a terrorist, why would you not claim responsibility? That's sort of the whole point of the "terrorism" thing.

      2. If it was US military, c'mon, get real. No one has blabbed? Really, people honestly believe that? Anyone who thinks that's possible, I have a word that's been in the news for you: PRISM. Sooper-Top Sekrit and yet everyone knows about it.

      If a warship fired that missile, everyone on that ship would know about it, as well as people higher up the chain of command, and you're telling me several hundred people have kept their mouths shut for over a decade? Go on, pull the freaking other one.

    •  Incidentally.... (0+ / 0-)

      ...that "providing factual descriptions only" is taken so far out of context it's in the next county over. The reason why it was done was because there was suspicion at the start of the investigation that some sort of criminal act was involved (which is why the FBI was heavily involved at the start), and the investigators were ordered not to do analysis or conclusions when they were gathering evidence so that the evidence could be looked at objectively without being influenced by someone's personal interpretation.

      If he claims it was an external explosion, he is literally seeing something that one else else who has looked at the plane who knows what they are talking about has ever seen.

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