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View Diary: President Obama and EPA To Limit Power Plant CO2 Emissions (122 comments)

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  •  Do you believe that administrative agencies (7+ / 0-)

    have discretion not to implement or properly administer laws the current administration disagrees with? The EPA approved permits that met its criteria, but it rejected others that did not. Is any approval of any permit a betrayal, in your view, or is it an inevitable consequence of the proper functioning of a government with checks and balances, in which policy changes must be approved by Congress?

    •  My understanding was that there was a considerable (1+ / 0-)
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      backlog of MTR coal mining permit applications pending (48 it seems) from the Bush Administration (which was strange but it could simply be because they were more oil guys than coal  people).

      So why did Obama's EPA fast-track their approval?  Why not let them languish (or purposefully throw up all kinds of administrative delaying actions)  like Bush had been doing?  The optics from an environmental POV were very bad on this, if nothing else.

      In the vein of delay, that actually has been a brilliant strategy wrt KXL insofar as the moment a decision is made, the "market" will put it's weight behind developing the infrastructure for transporting the tarsands bitumen out of Alberta.  Which is to say either construction of the pipeline will start, or the $$s will flow to the railroads who have demonstrated (via moving Bakken oil) that they can easily transport a KXL-sized amount of crude.  But so far delay is stopping both options  (thank god for small miracles).  

      Just wondering why he no inclination to treat Big Coal similarly . ..

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