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View Diary: Americans' Retirements Are in Tatters. What Does That Mean? (129 comments)

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  •  Spot on diary: I am 50, my mom is 86 (4+ / 0-)

    She has the following; type 2 diabetes, confined to a wheelchair due to failed knee replacements (each of which the docs got paid for, and all 7 of them failed ) , legally blind, hard of hearing, suffered three strokes, has congestive heart failure, failing kidneys, has half a colon, just had squamous cell skin cancer ( missed by the GP who ordered cortisone cream for several months ), is anemic,and just got out of rehab for trouble breathing due to pneumonia and kidney failure. She is now stabilized. I have fibromyalgia, prediabetes, high BP, a damaged left arm from cancer surgery five years ago, and fatigue. And yet she expects me to take care of her. My brother pays a lady to drive her around to all the different doctors.

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