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  •  I tried following that for some time (5+ / 0-)

    Lots about Dennis Hastert and others... and how much more we never got to know
    There was little somethings from the press, very little.
    They really don't want to know things sometimes.
    When Kerry was running in 2004 I read back to the days he was investigating and exposing things on Iran-Contra and later BCCI. Early on and for some time he was really mocked and criticized by the press and much of congress. He was called a conspiracy theorist and worse and the NY Times was as hard on him as anyone.
    Conspiracy theories are oh so mockable
    People don't like to be mocked

    They are not popular even when it's true. The stories are complicated, many threads, partially hidden and hidden in various places, lots of denials
    Easier to not pay attention.

    Now in cases like Edmonds... there was someone telling things straight out. Confirming facts and so on would be tough... but still oh so complicated and not nice, accusing all those congress people
    Easier to look another way
    All this looking another way and going for the cheap titillation that fit entertainment key word mode, easier.

    There have been some great investigative pieces in writing over so many things over these years that I was sure would really shake things up. They didn't. Guess it takes TV to do that and it is TV that likes it so short and simple to fit between ads and keep attention of what they think are short attention span viewers (and maybe they are correct).

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