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  •  White supremacy is a difficult thing (7+ / 0-)

    When we look back at the early history of this country, you can see the jagged scars and deep holes that white supremacy has brought and continues to bring to this county. Organized religion has been and still is their crutch to morally justify these abuses. It's their way to clear the dark consciousness of misery and destruction they have fostered on many.

    Let me say that I'm not blaming all whites on this. But many of them tend to use their whiteness to hold back and lord over many people of color when convenient. And it's just not white conservatives who are guilty of this. There are and have been many white "progressive" liberals free from religion that have used that heritage of white supremacy. For example, you could look at the choices of the suffrage and gay right movements to exclude people of color in their fights for equality.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates piece on Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice is one of many thoughts that this country - in all of it's fake gold shine - has never really meant for people of color to share in all of it's treasure and opportunity. The laws - and the system and white classes it protects - has been and still engineered to give a little and take a lot.

    Our native American brothers and sisters experienced this first hand many times over. From diseases to the degradation of lands and resources to forced relocation, the current dominant culture has shown that they could change you but you can never be part of them.

    It is my hope that the 21st century brings my children - with the gradual change to a more minority state - the true freedom that many of us have never really known.

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