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  •  Final thoughts on looking back at this (4+ / 0-)

    I was significantly older than most of my classmates in my MAT program.  In a few classes there were people who were already teachers and working on an MS in education, but most of my classmates were preparing to embark on their teaching careers.  That was true of all those in this class on Methods.  

    Because I was older, because I had thought and written about education for several years before I decided to become a teacher, and because I am by nature reflective, is should not be so surprising that the philosophy and style I was able to lay out has remained pretty constant for the following two decades.

    There are areas I have tweaked.

    I certainly have broader and deeper understandings of differences, some of which I probably did not consider at the time I wrote this paper.

    I am proud of it.

    Yes, my beloved wife, it could use some editing, as is true still of much of what i write.

    But I think it is honest.

    It may help those who encounter it understand several things

    -  why I was so passionate about teaching, especially social studies, most especially government
    -  why I decided to return to the classroom.

    There is one thing I would change today.  I am now 67.  I hope to be in the classroom well beyond 20 years from when I started.


    "We didn't set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people's hearts." - Pema Chodron

    by teacherken on Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 06:22:05 PM PDT

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