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  •  Merrymeeting Cheers and (crickets) (14+ / 0-)

    b'cause I ain't got no jeers today. So There.
    Cheers to the prospect of a weekend for myself. (MeMeMeMeMe)after 3 wonderful but taxing weekends of parties, meals, visitors.... oh, wait....
    Cheers to laundry, sleep, dawg walks, Village happenings, like the Annual chicken BBQ on Saturday, painting and watching it dry, library books
    Meh to our Goobernor. We knew it when we (didn't) choose it- but the man has proved to be a bigger asshole than anyone could ever have imagined. Nationally. With audio. Stay classy, Paul.
    Cheers to strawberries, because now is the time for us to GORGE! I will freeze a few, but the big cash is on eating those big sweet nuggets for about a month
    Apologies to everyone- I get a little unconstrained when fresh food is available...
    Cheers to boxwine spritzers! and I'm talkin to you, cgal...
    Ice cubes, Roses Lime Juice, half white(and I suggest a suvig..soovinyan..dry white wine) and some lovely seltzer, with the raspberry/lime weighing in as GOOD
    That is all.
    See you in the comments
    BTW, Bill and Michael are the cutest Scouts ever to have been Scouts, and I grew up with all Scouting all the time...

    "Conservatism has (d)evolved from a political philosophy into a mental illness" Brett Freeman

    by rebereads on Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 05:15:03 PM PDT

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