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    It is nice to have so many good candidates to choose from- and a little bit not.  I am firmly in the ABQ crowd.  And I don't think her support is very deep in the LGBTQ community if my anecdotal experience is any gauge.  Indeed, her harshest organized critics are gay and lesbian.  

    I want to vote for Weiner, but am seriously bothered by his support for stop and frisk (or as Christine likes to call it, stop, question, and frisk).  

    My first choice was Liu, but I must confess I am afraid there will be some shenanigans around that court case.  Personally, I think the rise of Liu and DeBlasio in the last election caused great alarm in the Dem establishment because of their strong support from the working families party.  Indeed, Ed Koch wrote a scathing op ed in the Daily News decrying the WFP after that election.  I am not convinced the campaign debacle surrounding Liu was not politically motivated.  

    I get the sense that you are leaning towards Liu.  I would appreciate your thoughts on my fears about a Liu general campaign.  I would appreciate having my concerns allayed because I really like him as a politician.  I also do not believe he did anything wrong re finances based on what has been reported.  

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      I hope Quinn doesn't somehow pull it off because I refuse to vote for her in the general.  I do not have any reservations about voting for any of the others, which is an uncommon, and pleasant, feeling.  

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      re: Quinn and LGBTQ community: Most LGBTQ individuals I know hate her. However, pretty much all LGBTQ clubs and organizations seem to be endorsing her. I can only imagine she must have more support than is clear to me from the people I personally know.

      I do lean towards Liu. I have had long conversations with him about the "scandal" and I trust him. I do think he has been targeted because he is the most (next to Albanese) liberal candidate and hence scares Wall Street. Worse (to them), he is a liberal who can do math and so is catching corrupt corporations. Of all the scandals surrounding candidates, his involves less money and doesn't really implicate him directly. But he is getting the press attention. It does seem like he is being unfairly targeted.

      I can tell you a bit from personal experience about Liu's campaign. The club my wife is on the board of noted that of all the candidates they have ever dealt with, Liu's campaign was the most careful about fundraising. I heard many comments from them on how scrupulous his campaign was. Now that was his actual people, not the bundler who was convicted. From what I can tell, never having dealt with him, that individual may well not have been on the up and up. But then again, corrupt bundlers have been a part of almost all the mayoral candidates' campaigns, sadly.

      So all I can say is Liu and his campaign from my personal experience has always been scrupulous when it came to money...more than any other campaign I have known. What happened out of his sight I can't speak to.

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