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  •  good morning in America (16+ / 0-)

    and greetings fellow ...wait what'd he call us? ... purists? fringers? HIPPIES!???! pfffft.

    So Glenn (or am I supposed to refer to him as "Saint Glenn"?) has this quickie for us this morning...

    "The US government has charged Edward Snowden with three felonies, including two under the Espionage Act, the 1917 statute enacted to criminalize dissent against World War I. My priority at the moment is working on our next set of stories, so I just want to briefly note a few points about this.
    The irony is obvious: the same people who are building a ubiquitous surveillance system to spy on everyone in the world, including their own citizens, are now accusing the person who exposed it of "espionage". It seems clear that the people who are actually bringing "injury to the United States" are those who are waging war on basic tenets of transparency and secretly constructing a mass and often illegal and unconstitutional surveillance apparatus aimed at American citizens - and those who are lying to the American people and its Congress about what they're doing - rather than those who are devoted to informing the American people that this is being done."
    It's getting so ridiculous at this point, it's very hard to bite my sarcastic mocking tongue anymore.

    Thanks joanne as ever for the wrap up and more on Brazil and more.

    If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution. ~ Emma Goldman

    by Lady Libertine on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 07:27:19 AM PDT

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