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    My dairy on THU NOV 06, 2008 AT 09:13 AM EST

    Comey was on my short list for appointment to a position in President Obama's administration.

    President Obama's Law Enforcement Appointments

    President Obama's selections for positions in the Law Enforcement positions will some the most important ever make in history. They are also where he can clearly demonstrate his honesty and dedication to law and the American Justice system above politics.

    The law enforcement appointments require Americans who value Law and Justice above politics. By reaching out to these Americans, President Obama will demonstrate to the world that he believes in Americans to do what is right for America above all else and that it is okay to be honest and true. Justice, Law, Oath of Office, and defending the U.S. Constitution is something to proud to perform.

    This is why the Democratic Party will prevail against the corrupt GOP. This why President Obama will be able to heal this country while prosecuting the criminal activities committed by the Bush Administration and the GOP at large.

    Here is some appointments I would consider for President Obama:

    Homeland Security: James Lee Witt or Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey

    FEMA: keep the current head.

    AG: Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey, Patrick Fitzgerald or David C. Iglesias

    U.S. Attorneys General:
    David C. Iglesias and Hire back all the good U.S. Attorney Generals fired by Bush.

    FBI: John McKay or Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift

    EPA: Robert Kennedy

    Treasury:  Paul Krugman

    Defense: Gates, then Max Cleland

    Supreme Court Justices: Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift  or David C. Iglesias, Jonathan Turley, and Best Female Lawyer or Justice.

    The attorneys know how to get the criminals since they had the evidence and are true to the law.

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