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View Diary: Awaken the MSM: Downing Street Memo Alert (6/14) (34 comments)

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    Smintheus, Mr. Lavin himself just chimed in:

    Congratulations to all for this valuable discussion. I'm Carl Lavin, deputy managing editor for news at The Philadelphia Inquirer. I'm glad that Dan has made some cyberspace available to all of us to comment on news decisions. In coming weeks, I expect to continue making occasional contributions here. If that starts to crowd out Dan, we can split off and form another news blog.
    "Investigative verve" is our middle name. (OK, actually "Philadelphia" is our middle name.) Some core questions raised by the discussions about the British memos include these:
    *Was intelligence deliberately misused?
    *When did Bush decide to attack Iraq?
    *Did the Bush administration plan properly
    for a post-war Iraq?
    Working with colleagues in Washington, Inquirer journalists have done excellent work on all these areas since well before the war. Just this week Washington Monthly honored this series of articles:
    We don't work hard to win awards, though. We work hard because we know our readers value reliable, in-depth accounts on important issues. Your high expectations made that abundantly clear. Thanks for reading -- and thanks for writing.

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