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  •  Summertime to me means (3+ / 0-)

    seeing tiger/ditch lilies along the side of a country road.  Gpldenrod in bloom.  Black eyed Susans in the field.  The smell of lawns being mowed.  Seeing freshly cut hay in the fields.  Lightening bugs in the evening.  Bats flitting about as the sun goes down.  Little league teams playing in the park.  Blackberry pie.  Corn on the cob and watermellon.  Heat lightening at night.  Thunderstorms that end as soon as they begin.  Cicadas humming in the distance.  The Reds being 6 games out of first place.  The humidity in the air, but also the smell of everything that is growing...the sensory awareness of the natural fecundity surrounding you.

    I miss all of those things dearly.  Other than the corn on the cob and the watermellon, I experience precious few of them here in Portland, Oregon.

    El Camino Man, only you would understand Help me if you can, cuz you're an El Camino Man

    by Keith930 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 07:00:32 PM PDT

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