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View Diary: Yahoo Goes Birther: Obama won't stop in "country of his birth." (164 comments)

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  •  I'm not so sure that they do.... (1+ / 0-)
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    I am on Yahoo everyday. As one person pointed out, their sports section is great and separate from the other news nonsense. They do ground breaking stories in the sports world. As for the news and comments section. Total different story. But you start to notice patterns. Are there more right wingers compared to left wingers in the news comment sections? Yes, but very small. What happens is people are paid to shill on Yahoo for GOP talking points etc... You can always tell this because at the start of the comment section some GOP moron will say something NRA stupidish. He'll get 1000 thumbs up and it has very little do do with the actual story posted. The first 20% or so of the comments will back him. Then a liberal like me or someone else will call them out. We start getting thumbs up the mid 50%. Insults follow. Right wingers disappear. Almost like they are on a job. Also you notice the time of the postings are during business hours. You notice corporations hitting the posts like when the Carnival Cruise ship was broken in the Caribbean, all these comments came out about how wonderful Carnival Cruises are. Obviously these were shills for Carnival trying to diffuse the story. I made a comment that I would love to take a cruise surrounded in shit and where I could sign up for such a pleasure cruise and they all disappeared. Even caught lobbyists for the forest industry in lies about clear cutting and protecting the Redwoods. I was like the Redwoods are already protected, job well done.

    But, all these clicks by what ever entity is paying these people is making Yahoo! money so they feed the monster. But it's easy to see where the bullshit lies.

    •  Pretty clear that RW posters in news comments (0+ / 0-)

      ...are being paid by someone.  

      There's the time spent and the clock-punching part, during the day Monday-Friday. But I've never seen anybody write about it with any details.   Clicks are clicks for these websites, I suppose.

      Given that RW businesses are posting this stuff, I suspect that it will get outsourced to India or the Philippines soon enough.

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