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View Diary: Obama Launches 'Open' Discussion on Whistleblower Protections w/ Espionage Charges for Snowden (272 comments)

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    I was a federal whistleblower in 1989, right after the law was passed that year.  I got "killed" anyway.  The laws don't mean a thing if they aren't enforced.  Lots of things make a person a whistleblower.  Many people, like me, just thought they were doing their job.  Going through the chain of command just alerted my commander to have me tortured.  The IG covered their butts, when I reported the whistleblower retaliation and the only meaningful assistance I got was from my senator who managed to keep them from destroying the entire rest of my life.  Now, when it comes to achieving meaningful change, that's come from making the public aware of the problems.  Otherwise, unless there's a court that makes "them" fix a problem, it doesn't get fixed.  As for the Espionage Act of 1917, that was so the government at that time could "go after" people they determined to be German sympathizers in WWI.  America had a huge German American population.  It was an unpopular war in the U.S.  It's vague and has since been used in the ways vague laws get used.

    Shine like the humblest star.

    by ljm on Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 05:55:58 PM PDT

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