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View Diary: Obama Launches 'Open' Discussion on Whistleblower Protections w/ Espionage Charges for Snowden (272 comments)

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  •  On top of his powerlessness... (8+ / 0-)

    I feel sure that Obama loves us.

    After all, he's only President so that workings of the rest of the government, especially in the Defense and Justice Departments, are completely beyond his control.

    He speaks so well and is so funny and occasionally athletic.

    How could anyone think that he means ill to us?

    What would he ever have to gain by playing spokesman for the MIC, Wall Street and Big Oil?  After all, we've seen what a hard life the Clintons have had since they so vociferously represented our interests in the 90s.

    Thank the the gods that all I have to do is promote the sacred Democratic Party.  It has been my fearless defender for the last 40 years without fail, and has never failed to listen to my concerns.

    Thanks, Brit, for bringing sanity to this discussion.

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