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View Diary: Ohio School Bans African American Hairstyles (143 comments)

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  •  Jesus Christ on a pogo stick (5+ / 0-)

    I remember my little AA classmates in kindergarten wearing braids.  And I'm damn near 60 years and this was NYC.  

    WTF is happening in this country?  Every day there's a new revelation proving the inmates have taken over the asylum.  

    This doesn't bode well for the future.  

    Too many people are making decisions with no thought as to what those decisions mean for real people in the real world.  

    We live in a world of:

    *   zero tolerance (aka:  I don't have to think)  
    *   policy based on numbers
    *   policy based on "I believe it therefore it must be true
    *   policy based on a wild hair up one's ass.

    It is stunning, staggering, and mind boggling.  

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