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    Hardly.  What Barney Frank is quoted as saying ("Harass us, because we really do pay attention. Look at who's on the ballot, and vote for the candidate you agree with the most. The next time, you get better choices.") is just commonsense.  Representative democracy only works if people participate, but voting isn't the only way that people can or should participate.

    Instead of asking people to sign an online petition (things that are often simply an exercise in list building and nothing more), I wish more elements of the activist and institutional left asked people to help write legislation.  We elect people to office and then get disappointed when they don't pass good laws.  

    I work as a lobbyist for a labor union, our corporate counterparts don't hold rallies, they don't ask people to call their legislators, they write laws and give their drafts to elected officials.  Voting is key, of course.  But if you really want to make change happen in the legislative process, start producing legislation.  

    38, male, NY-14 (born), NJ-9 (raised), MA-1 (college), CT-1 (now)

    by kalu on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 03:19:16 PM PDT

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