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View Diary: Edward Snowden is a Coward and Traitor (275 comments)

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  •  I want to be free! (4+ / 0-)

    I am so glad Snowden informed us that the NSA was listening to my phone calls!

    Well, except he kinda made that up. As facts come in and it is shown that this is a Dept of Defense paid for organization whose mission is finding foreign threats wasn't really listening to my phone calls. And there are numerous mechanisms in place to make sure that people don't use it as a toy.

    But still. They could! This is terrible! And Obama is a liar.  

      (Yes someone can listen to me! I know someone that actually did intentionally looked up a known American. He was fired. Just like someone that works at a bank can pull up your account and take your money. Then it would be tracked. And the person would be fired.)

    Who knows? Next thing you know the police will set up road blocks to 'check documentation' and if the people they stop happen to be drunk, they are going to jail.

    Of course, of the two of those situations, both dealing with the 4th Amendment and illegal searches, only one is actually happening. And no one is stopping the police roadblocks put in place to look for drunk drivers.

    But looking for the rising threat of terrorism where the focus on is on external threats, that not one citizen has complained about, (until the initial false claim that NSA was routinely monitoring Americans) is a worse threat to our 4th Amendment than routine random police checks is quite funny.

    I'm still waiting for a diary on actual Americans that have had their rights abused the NSA that resulted in something. For the all the hype, one would think this is worse than Citizens United and Wall Street/Oil/Pharma bribing politicians combined.

    It doesn't mean I agree with it, I don't agree with a lot of our foreign policy. But that is a completely different topic. The NSA is a powerful tool for think tank corporate assholes that have people that bounce between the government and international corporations like big oil and banking. They can use this information that is legally not open to the rest of the world. Kinda puts a damper on 'free market' that most of the people that use this information profess.

    If people want to argue that, I'll be with them all day. But even after the leaked documents show it is not a domestic spy organization, and they still treat it like a Nixon-like organization, I can't understand that.

    Some people are still living in the '60s where they actually think people movements have power.

    The NSA was not needed to stop OWS. The corporate media and the corporate paid for politicians made sure that went no where.

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