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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: GOP's Latino problem, their IRS problem, and more (174 comments)

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    If you're saying the Boston Marathon bombing proves that spying doesn't work, then that would suggest you're ready to live with incidents like the Boston Marathon bombing. How comfortable for you as you are not a victim or know someone who is.

    I don't see any solutions coming from anyone here. Lots of self-righteous bib-dribbling (in general, not directed at the poster) and Internet forum demands, but nothing that could possibly border on "here's a better mousetrap." This helps explain why Snowden continues to get feted. Unfortunately, there is no central address for "Bad Guys," which means that if you have no solution to deal with spying (and that includes the fiction of "limited" spying), then there's no problem. This is one of those feast or famine issues, and I see no one stepping up to the plate.

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