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View Diary: Fox finger-pointer to woman: 'know your role' (19 comments)

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    After watching the clip, I think she made HIM look like an ass.  She defended herself, then stood back and let him rant, maintained her cool, and basically treated him as an obstreperous child.  A child who it wasn't HER responsibility to teach manners, and therefore she couldn't be bothered to provide more than one lesson -- the suggestion that he shouldn't play dominance games (sharp finger-jabbing) with people who outrank him (judges).  She implicitly set herself in the position of Mother/Teacher/Judge, then blew him off with her light, "Okay," and a dismissive shrug.

    Yes, he acted like an a-hole.  And she made it clear that he was doing so, and that it was no skin off her back because he wasn't worth bothering with.  An excellent brush-off.  I do wonder if it was scripted (she was just soooooo cool the whole time) or if she had previously discounted him enough times that that was really what made him explode.  Because there certainly hadn't been anything in the 20 previous seconds of the panel to get him in such a lather.

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