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  •  Dr. G the Medical Examiner always has to wait for (2+ / 0-)
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    indubitably, cotterperson

    her stuff to come back before she phones people. That's forensics too, though. But as a medical secretary I have seen a simple drug screen on a patient come back in just a few days but that's different and not comprehensive.
         And the interesting part was, at that time I watched a doctor tell the patient he was taking her blood for something else, and then have it drug screened instead because he thought she was a chronic coke & pain med user who just wanted some from him. He was really rude to her too. And really embarrassed when her screen actually came back clean. Not that he told her any of this...
         That was wrong on so many levels, and now that we are in the business of putting everybody's health info online for the Google to see, the problems multiply.

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