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View Diary: VW will not expand in Chattanooga unless labor is represented - updated (165 comments)

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    "Union" means something different to white red-state workers than it does to their German counterparts.

    In Germany, and to some degree in industrial blue-state America, a union is a means of getting a better deal.  

    In red-state America (this is most of the south, the great plains, and perversely enough, the exurban and rural parts of midwestern industrial states, which are populated by transplants from the south) unions mean ethnic southern Europeans and (more recently) African Americans and Hispanics, not to mention liberal labor reformer types.  There is no concept of an "employee" in the feudal red state culture.  (US employers have, by and large, figured out how to exploit this.)

    Volkswagen isn't doing this out of altruism, nor is it doing it because they are afraid of their own unions.  They are doing it because locating a car plant in the Deep South because of labor costs sits very poorly in a lot of their prime non-American markets, and they depend on their corporate image to compete.

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