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  •  i could believe it happened but it was stupid (0+ / 0-)

    on both sides.

    1) Okay you lure a C-130 into crossing into the wrong airspace.  

    2) you shoot it down.

    If you look at that Korean Air debacle, it wasn't good for the russians.  Nobody is really going to believe a transport
    is of much harm.

    Unless you shoot down a nuclear bomber or EW jet,
    there isn't much "Value" there.

    You kill a bunch of people, you drive up tension,
    you set a precedent for shooting at lost, drunken stupid
    russian aircraft,

    the only real possibility is you add some experience for
    EW spoofing of C&C spoofing, but, i'd assume in war time,
    these commands come with code word phrases.

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