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  •  When will people like you mention the Ford (4+ / 0-)

    Energi's that are out there?  Ford has 2 very nice cars that do extremely well at miles per gallon.  For instance my C-Max Energi recently was filled up after going over 1,000 miles on 11.9 gallons of gas.  This worked out to be over 84 MPG!  And this car is cheaper than most would think.  That is because of the $3,750 federal tax credit and some states give a $1,000 or more state tax break.  Add in the saving in gas and this car can be bought for well under $30,000!  My C-Max plugs right into a regular 120 volt wall socket and no other expensive plug is needed.  That is another $1,000-$1,500 in saving over other cars like the Volt.

    And please don't buy the Spark as that car is not made in the US and we ALL need to buy cars not only made in the US, but also built by the UAW!

    •  84 mpg but ya plugged in ur car for ~half of miles (0+ / 0-)

      If you kept it charged and ran only on electricity then you could say no gasoline used so ya got infinite mpg.
      When will "people like you" mention those little details.

      C-Max Energi is a great car. T'is why they stopped making the Ford Escape hybrid which was ahead of it's time.

    •  "People like you"??? (0+ / 0-) tech geeks? Jews? Web developers? Left-handed guys with beards?

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