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  •  No, the conundrum is (8+ / 0-)

    when anyone in his administration does wrong, it's his fault, personally.

    When he does the right thing, it's because he's doing it for craven political reasons and not because he actually wants to do the right thing.

    Because when the conclusion that Obama is evil is actually the premise, the facts are molded to fit the framework.

    We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. -- Jonathan Swift

    by raptavio on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 09:51:31 PM PDT

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    •  He is not evil (3+ / 0-)

      he is compromised. And I am sorry to be the one to break it to you but it is his AG that pushes this shit or doesn't. Don't give me the separate entity line either because you know that hasn't been true for decades" "He can't because the R's", "see he teh awesome, bestest evah", "not under his control", "it was his idea".

      That shit get's old

      There are no sacred cows.

      by LaEscapee on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 10:02:15 PM PDT

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      •  Then why are ODS criticisms never phrased (3+ / 0-)
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        high uintas, Ahianne, Patate

        to reflect the reality of the real problem - why are you people always saying "Obama won't prosecute" or "Obama is prosecuting" rather than criticizing him for keeping on Eric Holder?  Your claim about the modern functioning of the Justice Department has no basis.  You're still starting from the PREMISE that Obama is wrong and then deriving secondary beliefs about how government works from that opinion.

        "She's terse - I can be terse. Once, in flight school, I was laconic." -Wash

        by Troubadour on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 04:22:42 AM PDT

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        •  Because Obama is the head (0+ / 0-)

          of the government (the bureaucracy, the military and the entire national security apparatus are executive) during his entire term of office. It's his baby, his is the buck-stop desk.

          True Believers always blame the last guy when things go crazy on their party's fearless leader. I'm sure you recall the Shrub blaming 9-11 on Clinton. Now in his second term, we see Obama die-hards trying to blame every scandal on the Shrub. Never fails to be asserted, always fails to be legitimate.

          Not to worry. Four years from now Obama will still be getting the blame for whatever goes wrong. From everyone except those of us who are much more likely to blame the executive for executive overreach, abject failures, and abuses of power.

          •  Except that's an oversimplification. (2+ / 0-)
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            Joieau, freakofsociety
            Obama is the head of the government.
            His relationship is not the same to every federal institution, especially the DOJ.  Attorneys General serve at the pleasure of the President, but political interference in prosecutorial decisions could be grounds for Abuse of Power impeachment.

            Yeah, see, the thing about that is....(runs away)

            by Troubadour on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 07:59:58 PM PDT

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            •  Sure it could. (0+ / 0-)

              When was the last time a POTUS was impeached for Abuse of Power? Richard Nixon got slammed for Obstruction of Justice, resigned before votes could be taken. Bill Clinton for Perjury as well as Obstruction, was cleared by the Senate.

              Abuse of Power would certainly apply here, but it would also apply across the board to some congresscritters and senators whose job it was to stay on top of this and keep it from turning criminal. Can't touch the DoD or the NSA, which belongs to DoD. Or CIA and the rest of The Acronyms. Even their damned budgets are Top Secret, though that's a good place to look for this nation's plundered wealth. Nobody's going to defund this juggernaut. Our erstwhile representatives all have way too much to hide, they're far more vulnerable to this sort of shit than we somewhat average people are.

              The direction of the DoJ is indeed politically determined, as much as the directions of all other executive agencies and departments. Sure, they are bureaucracies run by people who serve the government more than they serve the public. But government is shaped to a significant degree by who's sitting at the buck-stop desk.

              If Obama didn't want Holder to pursue whistleblowers under espionage charges, Holder wouldn't be doing that. Obama would have replaced him by now. Obama's "pleasure" is to stifle dissent as forcefully as he can get away with.

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