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  •  What I respond to often, as I am a firm supporter (6+ / 0-)

    of the President, is the assumption in diaries and comments that everyone feels the same way about events or decisions the President makes.  Its the same thing that happens when I have to call my Teaparty Rep's office on an issue.  I am told "Americans" want the whatever the Teaparty wants, and I always want to ask, so what am I chopped liver?

    Its the same here.  I always try to emphasize that my comments are my humble opinion so it doesn't sound like I assume others see things the same way.  When I am attacked for my respect for the President, which I would argue is based on his actions over time, I am told I am a sheeple.  So how is that different than being attacked from the right?  Its not, frankly.  Same problem.

    •  When mr.u reads comments (1+ / 0-)
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      like the ones attacking you he always says "the sound like bizarro world tea party people".

      "Humidity built the snowman. Sunshine brought him down" John Prine

      by high uintas on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 08:06:31 AM PDT

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