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  •  It's not as narrow as merely 'forced births.' (0+ / 0-)

    For these folk, what they want is women returned to a century when pregnancy was a very risky matter and a man might have several wives because the first one or two died of various complications of childbirth. It's only a matter of time before childbed fever and other perils of pregnancy and delivery begin to rise again, because it will be illegal for women to protect themselves and even the babies they want against them.

    They want a world where everything after the act of sex itself, however perpetrated, is controlled by men, and the consent of the woman at bottom is not required, and she can't do anything about it, no matter who she is, because she is until she lives to menopause, always a subordinate and secondary person who lives solely to perform a single function, to which the entire rest of her life is subordinated.

    And these jerks mean it. The vision of the speaker of a legislative house smashing his gavel down to avoid debate on these laws and shrieking, and the legislators who stopped hearing testimony from citizens, so they could move forward on the legislation the next morning, is ghastly.

    . I would never have thought I would see legislation providing that the governor of a state, Terry Branstead of Iowa, would reserve to himself exclusively the right to determine on an individual basis whether any Iowa woman could or could not have an abortion, but he did it, and should be the poster child for the kind of control these guys want over all women. Others have proposed that every miscarriage be criminally investigated, so that any woman who did not take care enough that it not happen could be criminally prosecuted. Even dealing with a medical complication of the mother is to be banned, or her failure to do so which they claim adversely affected a fetus.  Or where an impregnated victim of rape or incest cannot terminate the pregiancy or limit the damage it does to the entire balance of her life, because that in the mens' minds constitutes destruction of evidence in the usually highly unlikely trial of her violator. Her life is unimportant. I have already seen screaming public complaints when a pregnant celebrity is photographed smoking a cigarette or drinking a presumably alcoholic beverage, claiming she should be arrested, the one step away from the prosecution of mothers who were addicts and the baby was born the same. how long under these regimes will it take to have women prosecuted for not taking medicine X, folic acid being one, when a baby's birth defect is traceable to a want of folic acid during pregnancy, not a cigarette or a half glass of wine.

    And doctors are not being protected from angry litigants, as noted in the diary but are being required to tell affirmative untruths which can be life threatening to their patients, or flat out withhold information from them whenever they are women, in order to preclude their making choices about treatment of their own bodies because the doctor won't be obliged, in this matter only, even to tell them what that condition is.

    This matter of doctors having to be admitted to hospitals is another way of making sure all doctors conform to the standard of the antiwoman doctors in such places, as you will have noticed that in the places where that requirement exists, the doctors who do abortions cannot be admitted to hospital practice.  And that hospitals are now merging into practice groups in which religious doctrine is part of the package so that even if admitted, doctors cannot do these procedures in said hospitals, because the Bishops have prohibited it ever since 1931, when Pius XII went against what Pius XI ruled, and made law about this, and the religious hospitals will force their views on those which are not,  another way of making sure that the hospital facilities laws eliminate these procedures.

    The worst part of it politically is that the rise of the Tea Party candidate with the gerrymandered district, and who is already a millionaire, has produced whole legislatures whose majority does not believe it has any duty to represent constituents at all, and choose to do what they themselves alone prefer, because they can do it until the next election. And this is the kind of man making these decisions.

    This leaves sensible women with the sole choice of absolute chastity as to men, else her entire younger life will be subject to a police state now being set up where she might as well be in a coma until menopause otherwise, so little does she have to say about her own life and the body in which she lives it, if it is affected by the consequences of sex in a society where those chaste are either called old lady nuns or accused of other faults. In a world where now forty percent of children in this country live in single parent households because the selfsame men who reserve the right to make these decisions for her are not in those homes by their own choice, and a very substantial number do not pay child support of any kind.

    This is a nightmare.

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