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View Diary: Wisconsin Republican History Lesson: State Capitol has "no long history of assembly and debate" (31 comments)

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  •  Milwaukee (12+ / 0-)

    I live in Milwaukee, work at MPS, and am married to an African-American- everyone I talk to is extremely upset and would never think of voting for Walker-unfortunately I believe I am in a bubble but I do occasionally hear the obnoxiuous WGOP 620 and all callers are usually from the red ring outside of the city and they seem to uniformly love Walker and they will vote in 2014- If Republicans restrict early voting I am hoping that the city of Milwaukee will then open up satellite voting offices in all parts of the city but especially North and Northwest sides to get voter turnout to rival 2012 recall election where turn-out was very good.  I really don't think the candidate against Walker matters in my circle- we would vote for anyone who is running.  Would be curious as to general feelings around La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Appleton area.

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