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View Diary: NEVER FORGET .. In Memorium Leonard Matlovich June 22, l988 (10 comments)

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    And thanks to everyone for their kind comments. As I write this, I'm remembering that the exact anniversary will be about two hours from now when, in 1988, Leonard took his last breath beneath a large framed photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. On one side of his bed, holding one hand, was his roommate, Joe, who would carry a flag banner before the riderless horse representing a fallen soldier in that Sunday's LA Pride Parade, a nurse cousin, and me; on the other side, holding his other hand, his heartbroken Mother still trying, like so many mothers during those dark days, to fathom how she had outlived her son. And his Father, the stoic conservative who, before retiring after 32 years in the military himself, had stood by his then 19-yr. boy as he was sworn in. In May 1975, he’d opened the morning newspaper and found out for the first time that his son was gay . . . and that he was threatening to sue the United States Air Force for discharging him. He then locked himself in his bedroom and cried for two hours before emerging and telling Leonard's Mother, "If he can take can, then I can." As he looked down now at the shriveled body finally at peace, his inconsolable grief gently rested against the shoulder of his immeasurable pride. - Michael Bedwell.

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      It's an interesting night for me as I did not know of this important man. Nice first comment!

      Best wishes to you.

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