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View Diary: Secret "judges" whine about public criticism. (47 comments)

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  •  I thought the high water mark for paranoia (4+ / 0-)

    and security derangement occurred when Cheney went quite mad with his TOP SECRET stamp and proceeded to stamp everything in his office, including his office phone directory as top secret, making even the number of his receptionist a state secret.

    However, as we continue down the slippery slope to where targeted assassinations of non citizens in foreign countries is now kosher to where assassination of citizens and their families in foreign countries would now appear to be kosher, at what point does it reach the stage to where citizens inside our borders might be targeted for "extremely prejudicial actions" by our government?  It seems that it would be possible for a relatively petty bureaucrat to manipulate the system so as to take out a pesky ex spouse or maybe an overly aggressive bookie or other creditor?

    •  Our government saw fit to kill a 16 y/o boy who (3+ / 0-)

      was a U.S. citizen, in what appears to have been a targeted attack.  If that is legal, I see no reason why it couldn't be done in this country.  Theoretically the existence of functioning civil courts would bar such an action -- but I don't have a lot of faith in that, given the prevailing cult of secrecy.

      Another question would be whether the torture and secret prisons can be confined to overseas?  I doubt it, but our courts are not yet so toothless as to make it safe to carry out these actions here.

      You have exactly 10 seconds to change that look of disgusting pity into one of enormous respect!

      by Cartoon Peril on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 10:10:22 PM PDT

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      •  since it is a new day and I have not yet spun (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Cartoon Peril

        another CT theory yet, it occurs to me that LEOs might find it very tempting to "send in the clones" in specific stand-off situations where it is determined that there are no hostages present.  To reconsider the RW militia fave talking point, consider Ruby Ridge without the necessity of having LEOs at risk.

        •  I don't know much about Ruby Ridge, but I think (0+ / 0-)

          drone use in that type of event is highly likely.  

          You have exactly 10 seconds to change that look of disgusting pity into one of enormous respect!

          by Cartoon Peril on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 06:49:12 AM PDT

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