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  •  Tawny Kitaen On A Jaguar (9+ / 0-)

    The definitive strip club anthem? There are many possible choices that come from 80s music. For example:

    From ESPN's Bill Simmons:

    "Pour Some Sugar On Me" has a few things going for it. First, it's been around for 20-plus years -- we're at the point where it's like sitting through a football game without hearing "We Will Rock You." Walk into a strip joint and you know it's coming, it's only a matter of time. It's like the stripper's pole and the bouncer at this point. Second, for strip joint purposes, you're probably not coming up with a more appropriate title or lyrics (beauties like "you got the peaches, I got the cream"), and the chorus always enables the stripper to make believe she's pouring sugar on herself. That's always fun. Third, you can always get a laugh from your buddies by tucking one of your arms inside your shirt and doing some one-handed drumming. Always brings the house down. (Don't worry, I'm already going to hell -- it's all explained in my book in the chapter about Stoner's wedding.) And fourth, it's JUST cheesy enough that you would never hear "Pour Some Sugar On Me" song in any group setting other than a strip joint. You just wouldn't.

    From Songfacts:

    "You Shook Me All Night Long" is a very popular song at strip clubs. It's not uncommon for the album to be distributed to strippers at clubs on their first day.

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