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View Diary: Why Obama is about to DEEP SIX Keystone XL (81 comments)

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  •  why are you so sure? (2+ / 0-)
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    i dont think so

    kerry is leaning against it

    obama is issuing strong regulations against carbon emmissions

    •  LOL. It's just the way I read the tea leaves. (0+ / 0-)

      The administration has almost always taken an all-inclusive attitude towards energy projects (although they've soft-pedaled nuclear power a bit since Fukushima, for obvious reasons). Despite improvements, the US still uses/wastes a significant amount of energy from a global perspective.

      The big money is on the side of the pipeline being developed.

      It's politically easier to allow for the pipeline (since we have pipelines in the States already) and to argue that the real problem is the development of the oil tarsands & not putting the effort/money into renewable energy sources. This argument has the added benefit of pushing the "dirty hydrocarbon" development off onto Canada as well.

      So I think we'll get a big speech on the new climate/carbon policy, a vow for a renewed stepped-up commitment to push renewable energy, and pipeline approval.

      The only way to stop big energy projects is to raise the cost of the project to where the ROI is so low the original company doesn't want to pursue the project (that's pretty much how the nuclear power industry was derailed here in the US) or to make the political cost so high or so negative, the politicians band together to find a way to stop it (that's what they are trying to do to this President). Let's face it, if it was up to Congress, this pipeline would be approved already, even with a Democratic majority in the Senate.

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      by Uwaine on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 07:45:00 AM PDT

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