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View Diary: Why Obama is about to DEEP SIX Keystone XL (81 comments)

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  •  Sorry dallasdunlap, but while Richard Nixon (6+ / 0-)

    created the EPA, President Obama has made historic achievements in raising fuel efficiency standards in cars, Nixon hadn't achieved this.

    The President has also created the Wilderness Preservation Act, which was pretty ample in setting aside 2 million acres in nine states as protected wilderness, and, as I have stated below, created the Ocean Health Index, the Index charts new territory, and for the first time ever sets up a world standard for gauging ocean health.  This is worldwide, not even as local as the creation of the EPA, which I give Nixon credit for.

    Some additional things this "DINO" President has done for the environment:

    More than doubled federal spending for research on clean fuels.

    $60 billion in spending and tax incentives for renewable and clean energy.

    Invested in all types of alternative energy.

    Increased funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Invested $2 billion in solar power

    Established consumer tax credit for plug-in hybrid cars.

    Still, if you want to believe the argument that Nixon has done more for the environment than President Obama, then is that argument (since no one has mentioned another Democrat) admitting that Obama has done more for the environment than all "real" Democrats? This is like being hoisted in one's own rhetorical petard....

    Funny stuff....

    •  The creation of the EPA was a landmark moment (1+ / 0-)
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      Jeff Simpson

      and was far bigger than what the president did. That said, it was created by a congress with a big Democratic majority along with giant protests on the environment issue, as well as the fact tat rivers were regularly catching fire. So a bit of a different situation.

      If debt were a moral issue then, lacking morals, corporations could never be in debt.

      by AoT on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 05:13:11 PM PDT

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