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  •  Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong (2+ / 0-)
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    hayden, duhban

    here? (Sesemy Street)

    Let's see.
    Ellsberg said this when turning himself in to face charges against him:

    I felt that as an American citizen, as a responsible citizen, I could no longer cooperate in concealing this information from the American public. I did this clearly at my own jeopardy and I am prepared to answer to all the consequences of this decision.
    Assange fled Sweden and has imprisoned himself in Equador's UK embassy to avoid facing rape charges.

    Snowden is going around the world to avoid facing charges of releasing classified info to unauthorized persons.

    I wonder which of them doesn't seem to fit with the others?

    •  In Ellsberg's day, the rule of law existed... (3+ / 0-)
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      Shotput8, LLPete, vigilant meerkat the U.S.

      That ended with Bush v Gore and the subsequent lawlessness of the Bush and Obama Administrations.

      Obama is the Chickenshit-in-Chief for failing to stand up to Republicans on all their phony scandals, from the "beer summit," to Van Jones, "death panels," Shirley Sherrod, contraception, Benghazi, and the IRS.

      by expatjourno on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 10:08:28 AM PDT

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    •  so because Snowden ran (4+ / 0-)

      that means he's dishonest? Or less than pure? Does it mean everything he revealed isn't true after all?

      I dunno, if I had to pick between being a fugitive and a martyr, I think I'd go for fugitive. But I've never been in the position Snowden was in. What would you do? Do you know how you would react, with that kind of pressure on you? Are you sure?

      Every day Snowden spends outside of a jail cell is a victory as far as I'm concerned.

      Thanks to the internet, bullshit now travels at the speed of light.

      by nota bene on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 10:09:23 AM PDT

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    •  Yeah. Comment just above. In Elllsberg's day (0+ / 0-)

      we didn't torture. At least not openly with John Yoo and Dick Cheney cheering us on. Do the right thing and run. That's how you get away from thugs.

      Reaganomics noun pl: belief that government is bad, that it can increase revenue by decreasing revenue, and unregulated capitalism can provide unlimited goods for unlimited people on a planet with finite resources.

      by FrY10cK on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 11:01:45 AM PDT

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