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  •  The goal is zero CO2 emissions (4+ / 0-)

    This is critical. At 400 ppm of CO2 we have some nasty changes built-in. As we increase the CO2 concentration, the amount of built-in hurt just increases. When all is said and done, that is we achieve sustainability or civilization collapses, the only measures that count are 1) when did we get to zero, and 2) how much CO2 did we add during that time. Pretty much nothing else matters.

    You are very right about a national grid. The most promising sustainable energy sources are for fixed power generation. This means that our regular electrical energy requirements will be met by sustainables. Transportation must switch to electrical, both for automobiles and trains. Heat/cooling has to be supplied by the grid also. Heat pumps are very effective in multiplying the BTUs per KWh, especially if you can find a good heat sink. I see an all electrical future. This will only work in conjunction with energy efficiency improvements. That's where we need to go, but we can only get there by being focused on the goal of zero CO2.

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