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    I have read all these comments on here and can not believe I am on Daily Kos. Comments like Anti American, and traitor are things i expect to read on right wing blogs.

    The hero Nelson Mandela was called a traitor by the South African government and a terrorist by the UK and other governments. To his people and millions of others he was and is one of the greatest heroes and freedom fighters of all time. It is all in a name and I stand on the side of the latter, hero and freedom fighter.

    Edward Snowden is a modern day hero and freedom fighter. He revealed the information to the Guardian a British newspaper and then it flashed around the world. He revealed activities which are unconstitutional. This is being a hero. If he returns to the US he will most probably be interrogated and imprisoned at the least.

    Now he has to go into exile from his own country and family and friends. This guy does not need this he deserves a medal and a big thank you from all of us.

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